Four-Year MD Program SOM Faculty Handbook

The School of Medicine

Background of the School  

SOM Organizational Chart

School of Medicine Board 

Learning Environment Policy

Course, Phase, and Curriculum Reviews

Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Policy

Appointment and Promotions Criteria

Appendix 1: Responsibilities of College Directors

Appendix 3: Student Evaluations of Faculty Performance – Basic Sciences

Appendix 4 Student evaluations of faculty performance – Clinical

Appendix 5: Faculty Promotions Procedure

Appendix 6: Criteria for Scholarly activity and publications

Appendix 8: Track Criteria

Appendix 12: By-laws of Committee for Academic Progress and Professional Standards (CAPPS)

Administrative Committees

Appendix 17: Student Supervision Policy

Appendix 18: Diversity Equity Inclusion Policy

Appendix 19: SGU Non-Discrimination Policy

Appendix 20: Performance Bonus Criteria (Basic Sciences Faculty)

Appendix 21: SGU Emeriti policy

Appendix 22: Student Viewpoints and Perspectives: Disclaimer

List of Abbreviations

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