Doctor of Medicine Pre-Clinical Program (PCLIN) Student Manual

Doctor of Medicine Pre-Clinical Program

The five, six, and seven-year MD programs begin with foundational courses. The academic policies, program, standards and processes of the Pre-clinical Program are set and overseen by the School of Medicine; the content of the first two pre-clinical years is delivered by the School of Arts and Sciences.

All registered pre-clinical students are subject to the policies and regulations of the University, the School of Arts and Sciences, the Pre-clinical Program and the School of Medicine; however, should policies differ, the policies of the MD program shall supersede all other said policies.

Academic Progress Committee Promotion to Basic Sciences Phase

Promotion from Year 3 into Basic Sciences 

Requirements for Graduation with BSC in Medical Sciences 

Administrative Policies and Process


SGU Admission Policies 

Student Advising at SGU School of Medicine 

The Pre-Clinical Program utilizes a four-tiered advising system for its students:

Electronic Examination Policies and Procedures