School of Veterinary Medicine Catalog

Academic Partnerships

In order to provide select students with different avenues for pursuing their academic career goals, St. George’s University has developed a number of academic partnerships with other institutions of higher learning. These partnerships are designed to expand the number of entry tracks into SGU’s professional programs, and to broaden and enhance the educational experience. In addition, when the guidelines for continuation in these programs are met, they simultaneously serve to streamline the entry process into St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine. More information can be found on the International Partnerships website.

Student Support Services

In accordance with its mission, the University is fully committed to the creation and maintenance of an environment conducive to academic success for all students. A wide range of student academic and nonacademic support services are offered to ensure that the University is in partnership with each student to provide support for success.

Student Organizations

St. George’s University’s student organizations are centered on different areas of student life—cultural, religious, social, academic, professional, sports and recreation and community service. The Student Government Association (SGA) is a highly developed and active group that has representation on the Faculty Senate committees of the University. The Office of the Dean of Students, cognizant of the benefits of active student involvement, offers support for close to 80 student organizations in Grenada and for students in clinical rotations. Students seeking additional information on organizations that support the following categories may contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

The following descriptions of the student organizations are provided by the organizations and do not represent the views or policies of St. George’s University. St. George’s University does not discriminate in its support of student organizations.



Financial Obligations 

University Refund Policy