Preveterinary Medical Phase of the DVM Program

The preveterinary medical phase is delivered on the True Blue campus in Grenada, West Indies. This phase incorporates basic undergraduate courses in reading, writing, and mathematics promoting a wellrounded education and serving as a solid foundation for the veterinary medical program.

The Faculty Student Selection Committee (FSSC) places applicants into the appropriate term based on each applicant’s academic background. During the preveterinary medical phase emphasis is placed upon development of strong study skills and exposure to clinical veterinary practice is provided. Students who complete the preveterinary medical phase with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better and pass the Preveterinary Science Comprehensive Examination (PVSCE) are promoted into the first year of the veterinary medical program. Students who do not hold a first degree and wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the course of their studies may be eligible to do so. Evaluation of prior educational background will determine eligibility and appropriate placement within the Bachelor of Basic Veterinary Medical Science Program.