Private Education Loans for the Dual DVM/MPH or DVM/MSc Degree Programs

Private educational loans may be available to US students. Students who qualify for private loans may be able to use these loans to fund the full cost for the MPH or MSc portion of their education. These private loan programs are creditbased and offered only to students who meet the credit requirements determined by the lender. Students may be required to have a cosigner for these loans. Repayment begins after graduation or withdrawal from the University.

Applications for private loans are completed by the applicant and certified by the Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid also provides counseling services to our students to help them understand the eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions of these loans.

For further information about our financial aid counseling services and alternate loan programs, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Further information about credit services and alternate loan programs is available on the University website at