Admission Process

The Office of Admission will acknowledge receipt of a candidate’s application within two weeks of its arrival. A candidate will be informed of any required supporting documents missing at that time. Within one month after receipt of all application materials, a candidate will receive notice that the application is complete and being reviewed to determine whether an interview will be granted.

The Office of Admission encourages candidates who have been approved for an interview to request interviews in Grenada, and will schedule one upon the applicant’s request. The University recognizes that financial considerations may prevent many candidates who reside at great distances from Grenada from choosing this option. Interviews, therefore, may be held virtually to best serve the diverse applicant pool.

Candidates are advised that being granted an interview is no guarantee of acceptance; the interview itself plays a significant part in the decision by the Faculty Student Selection Committee (FSSC). Applicants are notified of the decision of the FSSC. A record of the notification is kept for one year.

Students’ acceptance into the School of Veterinary Medicine is granted upon the presumption by the Faculty.

Student Selection Committee (FSSC) that: (1) all courses currently being taken by applicants will be completed prior to registration and, (2) all statements made by applicants during the admission process, whether oral, written, or in submission of academic documentation, are true and correct. If it is subsequently discovered that false or inaccurate information was submitted, the University may nullify a candidate’s acceptance or, if the student is registered, dismiss the student.

A complete health history report must be submitted prior to registration. Students must submit a signed acknowledgment of admission along with a nonrefundable tuition deposit to reserve a seat in the class.

Delayed admission deferments are granted in extenuating circumstances and must be approved by the FSSC. Deferments are limited to one academic year. Requests to defer must be made in writing. Students must accept their offers of admission before they can request a deferral.