The Orientation Process

The Office of Admission and the administration as a whole consider a realistic assessment of the veterinary medical program and the student experience in Grenada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and Australia a necessary component of a responsible decision to attend St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine. Therefore, accepted and prospective candidates are invited to visit the campus in Grenada during the academic year, if possible. Accepted candidates who are unable to do so are encouraged to attend one of the Welcome Sessions for entering students that are held before registration, usually in New York City, Los Angeles, Port St. Lucie, Toronto, Trinidad, and Grenada. Enrolment Planning representatives, faculty members, graduates, students, and others will attend the Welcome Sessions in order to guide prospective students in making their decisions and preparing for medical school.

As part of welcoming all new students to SGU, there is an extensive mandatory academic orientation program on campus commencing five days prior to the start of classes—including a two day interactive team building leadership exercise, the Professional Attributes Workshop (PAWS) which is focused on promoting peer collaboration, communications skills, and nontechnical competencies for becoming a successful student of veterinary medicine For students arriving by air, transportation to the campus is provided from the airport.

Entering students are required to attend all academic sessions as well as the seminar on safety, campus rules, Grenadian law, off-campus housing, busing, and disaster preparedness. All students are encouraged to participate in walking tours of the campus and to familiarize themselves with the many recreational opportunities on campus and in Grenada.