Athletics Facilities Committee

Sports and sporting facilities on campus are organized by the Athletic Facilities Committee (AFC). Currently, campus supports an intramurals program consisting of basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, badminton, tennis, street hockey, and a developing softball and cricket tournament. It also supports several SGU rep teams that participate in community-based competitions such as cricket, soccer, netball, and basketball. For those with less competitive interests, there is a plethora of regular pick-up events that take place on the athletic field and court facilities. In addition to the above-mentioned core activities, the campus supports numerous aerobics classes, lacrosse, martial arts, ultimate Frisbee, and an expanding weight room and cardio center. There are also communitybased activities available such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, and cross country running or hiking. Check the Athletics section on Sakai for more information.