The University Health Form is comprised of three parts: Part I—Health History; Part II—Physical Examination; and Part III—TB Screening and Immunization Record. All three parts, filled out completely and accurately, must be submitted prior to registration at the University. After a leave of absence (LOA) for medical reasons, a new medical clearance might be required for rematriculation.

Due to public health regulations, students’ health histories, physical examination reports, and immunization records must be current and accurate in order for students to do clinical rotations at hospitals in the United States and the United Kingdom. Students will not be admitted to the clinical program unless their health forms are complete, current, and cleared.

This information is also required for postgraduate training and when joining a hospital’s medical staff as a fully licensed physician. Therefore, a copy of all this material, including updates, should be kept by students at all times and arrangements for current physicals should be made at appropriate intervals to eliminate delays in academic and career progress.