Review of Academic Progress for MD Program

Clinical APRC reviews:  The APRC conducts reviews at least bimonthly to identify students who are at risk of not meeting performance/timeline standards for progress to the next rotation or for graduation. Students are sent notices/reminders of their requirements and referred to their academic advisors for monitoring and support. Additionally, the senior associate dean of clinical studies is notified when a student fails a clerkship component. This sets in motion a structure for advising and remediating the student’s deficiencies. The student and the academic advisor develop a learning plan, which the student will put into effect for the subsequent clerkship to avoid future failures.

The APRC will make recommendations to the Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Studies for a student’s progression, promotion, or dismissal. Students with previous failures to meet standards and/or timeline delays may be granted an additional time to achieve standards and complete requirements or be recommended for dismissal. Students may be issued a reminder, notice, warning, or recommendation for dismissal from the office of Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Studies ( These letters may require action on the part of a student, a failure to act on APRC requests or to fulfill APRC requirements may result in a recommendation for dismissal.

Letters may stipulate deadlines and requirements students must meet in order to continue in the MD program including mandatory advising meetings to discuss program requirements and standards, identify obstacles to progress, consider opportunities for improvement, and develop an individualized learning plan (ILP).

In these cases, the APRC also places students on a MAS, those students who fail a clerkship or clerkship component.  Based on assessments throughout the MD Program, SGU School of Medicine graduates those students that have developed the competencies intended by the Outcome Objectives.