Appeal Process and the Clinical Capps

All students who are recommended for dismissal have the opportunity to appeal to the CAPPS. Students preparing their appeal and related documentation should note that this is the only opportunity to appeal the recommendation for dismissal. Therefore, any student recommended for dismissal is required to meet with the Dean of Students for guidance on the appeal process.

The Committee for Academic Progress and Professional standards is charged with the following responsibilities:

  1. review appeals from students that have been recommended for dismissal by the senior associate dean of basic sciences or the senior associate dean of clinical studies, based on failure to meet academic performance and/or professional standards.
  2. uphold the recommendation for dismissal, in which case students have the option to withdraw or will be dismissed, or
  3. accept the appeal and retain the student on a period of academic focus or probation with conditions.
  4. establish the conditions under which a student is to be retained, including defining the period of academic focus and associated conditions
  5. communicate the outcome of each appeal in the form of a letter to the student, with copies to the appropriate senior Associate dean, dean of the School of Medicine, Registrar, and dean of Students Office.
  6. act as the sole body to which a student may appeal a recommendation for dismissal.
  7. refer students whose appeals are not upheld to the DOS office, for further guidance on career options

CAPPS is the final point of appeal, and decisions of the Basic Sciences or clinical CAPPS are final. The School of Medicine has no further provision for appeal.