Study Space Code of Conduct

The University has designated certain areas as Study Space.  In these areas, the Study Space Code of Conduct applies.

The Code of Conduct has been formulated to foster private study and group study.  Areas designated as Study Space are indicated on the Study Spaces website.

  1. Students are responsible for their own property at all times.
  2. No pets are allowed within the indoor study areas.  However, Service Animals with SGU ID Cards are allowed.
  3. Smoking (vaping included), possessing food or unauthorized drink containers (except water) are all strictly prohibited in indoor study spaces. Security staff or Study Space Monitors, may confiscate food and drink openly in view within the indoor study areas.
  4. Students must keep their SGU ID cards with them at all times and show it to Security, Study Space Monitors or any SGU staff member who requests them.
  5. Seat reservation by deposit of property in absentia is not permitted; after 20 minutes of non-attendance, property may be removed at owner’s risk.
  6. SGU Community members can use the whiteboards within the study spaces if available.  The information on the whiteboards can be erased once the previous user has left the study space.
  7. The University will not tolerate abusive language and verbal profanities  Security staff or Study Space Monitors are required to identify and report offenders.
  8. Silence must be observed in group study spaces. Music (and other sounds) generated from any form of equipment is not permitted in those areas.
  9. Cell phones are prohibited within the indoor individual study spaces.  Cell phones must be switched to silent on entering these areas.

This Code applies to all users of a designated study space.  Infringement of the Code will be dealt with under the University’s disciplinary procedures.