Conduct for our Library

  1. Students are responsible for their own property at all times.  Smoking, possessing food and eating are strictly prohibited in the library. Library and security staff may confiscate food that is brought into the building and visible. Drinking is acceptable only in a spill-proof travel mug designed to hold the liquid without spillage if dropped or knocked over. Standard coffee and drink cups with  Snap-On lids are not acceptable.
  2. Students must have their University ID cards with them and make them visible at all times and such IDs must be clearly displayed for easy reading and examination upon request by library or security staff or administration without argument.   Failure to comply may subject students to removal from the premises and University property until such time as the student presents such ID card as required, and additional disciplinary action may be taken.
  3. Seat reservation by deposit of property in absentia is not permitted; after 20 minutes of non-attendance, property may be removed at the owner’s risk of loss.
  4. The University will not tolerate harassment.  Such misconduct will be dealt with under the University’s disciplinary procedures.
  5. Silence must be observed in all study areas, including computer rooms. Those in group study rooms must not disturb others nearby.
  6. Cell phone and internet telephone use is prohibited throughout the study area. Cell phones must be switched to silent on entering the library building.
  7. Deliberate removal (or attempting to do so) of library materials not checked out to students is a serious matter and will be referred to a senior member of staff for investigation and disciplinary action.
  8. Students are responsible for library materials checked out to them (on or off campus); students are advised to report immediately any loss or theft to library staff, so that remedial action can be taken.

This Code applies to all library users and to all parts of Founders Library. Infringement of the Code will be dealt with under the University’s disciplinary procedures.