Prior to Exam Day

Each student is required to have a laptop for the purpose of taking computer-based examinations (e-Exams) at SGU. Students must ensure that their laptops meet the current minimum system requirements prior to exam day:

  1. Examinees must use their  University Portal username and password to access the Custom Home Page ( created by ExamSoft for the University.
  2. Examinees are responsible for downloading and registering the latest approved version of Examplify on their laptop prior to exam day. Examinees are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the software by downloading and taking the practice Mock Exam.
  3. Examinees will be notified via MyCourses, of all exam related information. Email notifications will also be sent from ExamSoft Support to examinees, notifying them of examinations available for downloading.  Students MUST download exams 24 hours in advance and will not be permitted to download in the examination venue.
  4. Examinees experiencing difficulties with their laptop are encouraged to visit the IT department for assistance prior to exam day. Examinees in need of a laptop must visit the Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) to request an examination loaner.