On Exam Day

  1. All examinees scheduled to sit a computer-based exam are required to bring their laptops and all approved accessories (mouse, Ethernet cable and power cord/battery charger) for use during the  exam. 
  2. Examinees must ensure that the clock on their laptop is synchronized to the correct local time and time zone (Atlantic Standard Time – AST).
  3. Examinees must download ALL exam blocks, (where applicable), within the stipulated 24-hour download window. Any examinee who is unable to download all examination blocks, must contact the online support team; TellExaminationServices@sgu.edu immediately
  4. Requesting Assistance: An examinee who is experiencing a computer problem should:
    1. ONLINE EXAMS: immediately send an email to TellExaminationServices@sgu.edu for assistance in resolving the issue. If however, the issue requires escalation, the student will be invited to a Zoom call with the technical support team.
    2. IN-PERSON EXAMS: An examinee who encounters a technical issue should notify a proctor. Students whose computers fail to start at the beginning of the exam or crash during the exam, will be directed to an alternative venue to sit the exam or may be required to sit a completion exam at a later date. This will be recorded as an exam irregularity on each such occasion.
  5. All examinees who present themselves to sit an examination are required to display a current SGU student identification card in order to gain access into the exam venue. The SGU ID is the only acceptable form of ID. Any examinee who fails to present this ID will be required to complete a Missing/Lost Identification Form. In the absence of an SGU ID, the examinee MUST present a valid, physical, government issued photo ID in order to gain access into the exam venue.
  6. Students will consult the examination seating list posted outside the examination venue, where applicable, to find their assigned seat.  Examinees may only sit in their assigned seat. Any discrepancies or seating problems will be reported to the Chief Proctor/Course Director as unprofessional behavior.
  7. No wristwatches of any type will be allowed in the examination halls, either on the arm, on the examinee’s person or on the desk.
  8. Examinees’ eyes must always be visible. Hair long enough to cover the eyes and ears must be pulled back. Hats or headwear with brims or bills or which cover the eyes or ears are prohibited.
  9. No communication of any kind is permitted between examinees after entering the examination venue.
  10. Examinees arriving after the published examination start  time will not be allowed to enter the examination venue after door closure.  In such cases, the examinee will be directed to the Dean of Students’ office.
  11. Examinees with a white board accommodation are not allowed to write notes on the white boards prior to the official exam start time.
  12. Examinees are not allowed to use a telephone or other communication device at any point during the exam.
  13. Restroom breaks are limited to the times prior to the examination, after the examination, or during the breaks between examination blocks.
    1. ONLINE EXAMS: are only permitted after the examinee has successfully completed and uploaded all answer and monitor files for the said block.  Attempting to leave the examination desk, no matter how brief, is not permitted during an examination block.
    2. IN-PERSON EXAMS: are only permitted   between examination blocks after successfully completing and uploading both answer and monitoring files.  Once an examinee leaves the examination area without signing out and back in as stipulated, he/she will be considered to have concluded the examination.
  14. To start the exam:
    1. ONLINE EXAMS: Passwords will be announced via the online course management system (SAKAI) / email notification approximately 15 minutes prior to CHECK IN TIME of each examination block.
    2. IN-PERSON EXAMS: the Chief Proctor will provide examinees with the examination password.
  15. Students will be allowed to leave the examination area when they have completed their exam and displayed the “Congratulations! Your answer file(s) uploaded successfully,” screen to a proctor.
  16. Examinees found violating any of the Examination Policies and Procedures including attempting to disable or tamper with Examplify’s security features will be subject to academic disciplinary action.
  17. Permitted Items—only the following items will be allowed into the exam area:
    • Laptop and approved accessories
    • Personal items exceptions
    • SGU ID
    • Completely clear (see-through) bottle of plain water
    • Authorized items specified by Course Director or permitted by Student Accessibility and Accommodation Services within the Dean of Students office.

(No other personal belongings will be permitted.)