Over 1500 clinical faculty based at over 70 affiliated hospitals are responsible for the clinical training of SGUSOM students. Additionally and as described above, over 50 administrators,  physicians and staff employed by the University place students in affiliated hospitals and guide them through the third and fourth year of medical school and, for many students, the US residency application process. To further augment the educational program the school has developed an extensive student support structure to provide academic advice, career guidance, residency application assistance, and behavioral health/wellness programs. These programs and the ones described below concentrate on US residencies. The school also provides support for students interested in postgraduate training in other countries.

Clinical Terms- Guidance Resources and Schedules

During the clinical years, the school has extensive student support services to provide academic advising, career counseling and psychological services. The Office of Career Guidance  should be consulted for advice on career opportunities and preparing for postgraduate training. The Office of the Dean, Office of Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Studies and the Office of the Dean of Students are available for guidance on other issues. The Directors of Medical Education, clerkship directors, preceptors, medical education coordinators and clinical faculty at clinical sites are also available for advice. Each student who progresses to clinical studies will be assigned a clinical academic advisor whom the student is required to contact early in Year 3 of clinical studies.