Faculty Panel for Academic Professionalism (FPAP)

The FPAP deal with all professional behavior issues whilst students are enrolled in the clinical studies courses, e.g., missed examinations, examination compliance issues, cheating, plagiarism, and/or behavior contrary to the outcome objectives and expectations provided in the student manual and syllabus.

Where appropriate, any course and examination noncompliance issues may be referred to a senior associate dean of clinical studies Faculty Panel on Academic Professionalism hearing. The Panel Hearings will be administered by the Office of the Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Studies. An Associate/Assistant Dean of Clinical Studies, not involved directly in student support, will Chair the meeting, and the membership of the panel will be comprised of at least 2 other faculty of the School of Medicine as appointed by the Snr Assoc Dean of Clinical Studies. The faculty serving on the panel will be MD faculty of the SOM, that are not involved in student advising, and that have experience with the standards for promotion and progression outlined in the student manual.

A quorum for the committee is 3, and decisions are reached by simply majority in which the Chair has a casting vote in the event of a tie. The committee may refer the student to an appropriate support service, or when appropriate, and as outlined in the course syllabus, recommend application of the appropriate academic penalty published in the course syllabus. The panel may reduce the penalty applied, but cannot exceed that published in the syllabus. The committee may also require evidence of remediation and can define a customized remediation pathway for any infractions related to lapsed professional behavior. Course grades may be held as incomplete (I) until the student demonstrates any remediation outcomes as defined by the FPAP. The recommendation of the Panel is passed to the Snr Assoc Dean of Snr Assoc Dean of Clinical Studies for action and communication to the student by the Senior Associate Dean of Snr Assoc Dean of Clinical Studies Office.