Extended Timelines in the Clinical Program

A student may take an LOA in the clinical phase. Students who have taken excessive leaves of absence for health or other reasons should limit their bridge time and are forewarned that they must complete their program of study within the 6 year timeline requirements.

The need to take off more than one year is incompatible with satisfactory progress and can lead to dismissal from the medical school. Above all, students must remain within the satisfactory academic progress guidelines.

Students need to be aware that extending their timeline, which may be advantageous academically, may diminish their prospects in the residency match program. In addition, any disruption in a student’s matriculation may affect their loan repayment status if they are receiving US federal loans.

There may be times that due to unforeseen immigration issues a student may not be able to meet their 6-year timeline requirements. Individual circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Students must contact the Office of Immigration Support Services (immigrationsupport@sgu.edu) with a copy to the Dean of Students Office (dos@sgu.edu) to discuss their individual circumstances.

Regardless of the structure of a student’s timeline, students must complete the MD Program within 6 years of matriculation.