Bridge Time for Students

During the clinical terms, promotion depends on passing clerkships, family medicine and Internal Medicine required rotations, a sub-internship and electives. No formal break exists during clinical training nor is a special mechanism necessary to promote students from one clinical term to another.  After passing one clinical rotation, a student then goes on to the next scheduled rotation. 

Clinical rotations are scheduled year-round. Clinical students who need to schedule a few weeks off between rotations may do so. This is referred to as bridge time. Students must notify their clinical student coordinator in the Office of Clinical Education Operations and receive approval prior to taking bridge time. The amount of bridge time available to students depends upon when the clinical period begins. Students are allowed up to 20 weeks of bridge time within a 12-month period. Liberal use of bridge time may negatively impact satisfactory academic progress and ultimate graduation date.

Students must complete all of their clinical training within three years from the start of their clinical program; however, students permitted to take more than 3 years to start their clinical clerkships are considered to have “borrowed” time from the 3 years allotted to complete clinical studies. Students must complete all MD program requirements within a 6-year timeline. Students will be recommended for dismissal if they do not make progress as expected and will not complete within the 6-year maximum.