Clinical Program Administration and Staff

SGU supports over 80 physicians, student coordinators, administrators, and clinical academic advisors who are responsible for the clinical training program. This staff is based in the Office of the Dean, Office of the Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Studies, the Office of Clinical Education Operations, the Dean of Students Office, and Office of Career Guidance and Academic Advising. This staff is available to support students in all aspects of their clinical studies, requirements for graduation, and academic and career advising. They also remain in frequent contact with all affiliated hospitals to coordinate the administrative details of the clinical program. The recommended means of contact with the US and the UK clinical offices is by SGU email. Announcements from the Office of Clinical Education Operations are communicated through the student’s SGU assigned email account and located on the SGU Clinical portal. In addition to the above, a large number of hospital-based physicians and staff support the clinical program and students.