Office of Career Guidance and Student Development

John F. Madden, MD

Claudine Brown, MD


The Office of Career Guidance (OCG) assists students in the Doctor of Medicine program to find their way through postgraduate medical training and licensure procedures successfully and effectively. These programs introduce students to the processes early in their academic careers in order to make a smoother transition. Starting in the basic science years, the Office of Career Guidance in Grenada provides a number of seminars, workshops and activities. The seminars focus on the importance of preparation for the required comprehensive examinations as well as the USMLE Step 1, examination requirements, clinical rotation time schedules, and obtaining postgraduate training with specifics on how to prepare for the residency application process. As part of the Office of the Dean of Students, the OCGSD is staffed by faculty and alumni who can advise students on preparing for licensing examinations and offer counseling in specialty and residency selection, as well as the residency application process in the United States and the United Kingdom.