Financial Aid

Approximately 80 percent of students enrolled in the Doctor of Medicine program use financial aid to pay for part or all of their educational expenses. The Office of Financial Aid administers the financial aid programs available to St. George’s University students; assists in financial planning, budgeting, and completion of the application documents; and counsels students regarding management of their debt.

Applicants who wish to review the process or receive counseling prior to acceptance are welcome to contact the Office of Financial Aid.

The financial aid process is described in detail with instructions and application forms on the University website. Applications for financial aid can be completed entirely online.

For information, please contact:

Office of Financial Aid

c/o University Support Services, LLC

3500 Sunrise Highway, Building 300

The North American Correspondent

Great River, NY 11739

Phone: +1 (631) 665-8500 ext. 1232

Partial scholarships are available to some entering students who meet the criteria for one or more of our scholarships, grants or bursaries. The University participates in US and Canadian government loan programs and private educational loan programs offered by private lenders. The credit- based private educational loan programs are available to US students. US students who meet the eligibility requirements are able (if necessary) to finance their entire cost of attendance through loans. International students whose governments do not provide scholarship and loan programs usually need substantial personal and private resources to pay for costs of attendance not covered by the partial scholarships and loans made available through the University.

Students may wish to research and pursue outside sources of financial aid; however, the responsibility for paying for the cost of attendance is solely with the student. It is important that students anticipating the need for financial assistance at any time during their medical education undertake early long-term planning. The Office of Financial Aid welcomes the opportunity to help students develop these plans. Financial aid is used only to supplement personal and/or family financial resources. In some cases, because both the personal contribution and sources of financial aid are limited, students may be unable to enroll in medical school. Students who believe they may be unable to attend due to financial constraints should call the Office of Financial Aid for information and counseling.