Academic Programs

With its dedication to a universal model of education, the School of Medicine at St. George’s University offers a comprehensive program of study to accommodate the academic backgrounds and professional aspirations of students from all over the world.


Students wishing to achieve the Doctor of Medicine degree may, depending upon their academic achievement levels, enter the seven-, six-, five-, and four-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. The fouryear program is a postgraduate degree and requires a bachelor’s degree with the appropriate sciences at the undergraduate level. The seven-, six-, and five-year MD programs are comprised of preclinical sciences; the entry requirements are predicated by the model of education and achievement presented. Preclinical and basic medical sciences are taught in Grenada, West Indies, and the clinical training program is completed in our affiliated hospitals in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Grenada.

St. George’s University of Grenada School of Medicine/Northumbria University Program

The School of Medicine offers an option for medical students to spend the first year of the four-year Doctor of Medicine degree program on the campus of Northumbria University in the United Kingdom as part of the St. George’s University of Grenada School of Medicine/Northumbria University Program (SGU/NU). A Diploma of Higher Education in Medical Sciences is awarded by the School of Applied Sciences at Northumbria University upon successful completion of the first year. Students continue the second year of the medical program in Grenada and complete clinical training in one of our affiliated centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or Grenada.


Through the School of Graduate Studies, the School of Medicine offers master’s degree programs in public health, microbiology, bioethics, tropical medicine, physiology and neuroscience, and anatomy. The School also offers PhD programs in bioethics, microbiology, physiology and neuroscience, and anatomy


Students pursuing a Doctor of Medicine degree at St. George’s University may simultaneously earn other degrees.

Bachelor of Science/MD

Those who enter the University in seven- or six-year MD program may earn a bachelor’s degree if the qualifications for a bachelor’s degree are met. One of the major requirements of this degree includes being accepted to and completing the first year of the four-year medical program.

MD/Master of Public Health, MD/Master of Business Administration, MD/Master of Science, and MD/Master of Biomedical Research

Students who wish to enhance their educational experience and broaden their career opportunities may simultaneously earn a graduate degree in public health, anatomy, microbiology and their related concentrations, or engage in scientific research in specific disciplines. These dual graduate degrees require students to study for at least one extra term