Pre-Clinical Science Comprehensive Examination (PCSE)

All students must take this examination at the conclusion of the one-term program.

The PCSCE exam is designed to measure students’ requisite understanding of basic science disciplines. Questions are drawn from the content covered during the term. The procedures are distributed to students prior to the PCSCE administrations and made available on the Learning Management System (Sakai). The PCSCE does not count towards any course grade. This exam is one of four prerequisites for promotion into Basic Sciences. The completion exam policy applies to these examinations.

.Apart from required completion examinations and regular administrations of the PCSCE, students must request authorization from the Director, Director of Pre-Clinical Sciences at least three weeks in advance regarding any special sitting of the examination.

Students must complete all course examinations in order to meet course requirements and earn a final course grade. If a student completes only part of an examination (e.g., Part 1 but not Part 2 of a two-part examination), then the completed part of the examination is invalidated, no score exists, and the examination as a whole is considered missed.

Students are expected to take all regular and Completion examinations as scheduled (see master School of Medicine schedule published on the OUR site

All students are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct with respect to all University-administered examinations. Examination policies apply to all Examinations (See Appendix Electronic Examination Procedures  here)