Irregularity Reporting

Any exam irregularities that negatively impact a student’s ability to complete the exam must be reported immediately within the examination venue to the Chief Proctor or email for online exam support. For issues that cannot be resolved in the venue, students should immediately request that an Irregularity Report be completed by the Chief Proctor in the venue at that time of the occurrence. Students should email the Course Director immediately after the exam to alert the Course Director of the Irregularity Report that was filed in the venue. Irregularity Reports will not be considered after the examination is completed and the student has left the venue or if the outlined process is not followed.

After grades are published by the Course Director no changes will be made based on Irregularity Reports that are filed inappropriately or late, therefore students should ensure that all irregularities are dealt with appropriately in venue and that the Course Director is alerted to the presence of a filed Irregularity Report immediately after the examination. In this circumstance, the affected grade is sequestered until the irregularity is investigated.

Once the Irregularity Report is filed by the OIA and it is agreed by the Course Director in consultation with the Dean of Basic Sciences Office that it may have affected student performance, the affected grade will remain sequestered. A student may be offered a Completion examination after investigation of the events. The Completion exam, if offered, is scheduled at the end of term at the regularly scheduled date of the Completion exams for the course affected.

In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to delay the start time of an exam or postpone the examination. Students are advised to not make travel arrangements for immediately after an examination to cover this eventuality.