Non-Medical Excuses

Excused absences from examinations for non-medical reasons generally fall into three domains:

  1. Religious Observances: A student who wishes to observe a religious holiday may receive an excused absence if appropriate protocol is followed for seeking the excused absence. Specifically, the student must inform the Dean of Students (DOS) office of the dates of the religious holidays within the first month of each academic term in order for these absences to be approved. Any dates of travel associated with the religious observance beyond the actual holiday are NOT covered by excused absences.
  2. Scholarly/Administrative Activities: Activities that enhance a student’s scholarly achievement and/ or contribute toward the administrative activities of SGU’s School of Medicine may be eligible for an excused absence. Examples may include presenting at a national conference or attending required meetings with officials of SGU.
  3. Catastrophic Events: Unforeseen and extraordinary events (e.g., funerals, prolonged hospitalization) may be considered an excused absence.