A student may request a Medical Excuse (ME) for an exam. A student may request only one medical excuse per 12-month period. A student must fill out the ME form on the  University Portal website and submit it before the time of the first scheduled examination to be missed. This student is excused from all examinations falling within seven (7) days of the ME submission. If a student recovers during the examination period, he/she may attend any remaining examinations still scheduled.

Once a student has started an exam, a score will be submitted and contribute to a student’s grade, irrespective of how much of the exam has been completed. In the case of any exam with multiple sections or parts, any student who fails to sit for any section of the exam will receive a 0 for each section that remains incomplete. Students may not request an ME once they have started an exam. Therefore, students are strongly discouraged from taking an exam if they are unwell.

However, if a student attempts to invoke the ME form more than once in a 12-month period, he/she is denied the ME and must sit for the examination(s). If the student does not sit for the examination(s), then, the student receives a “0” grade for the examination, and the University may place the student on a mandatory IME Medical Leave of Absence since the student has medical issues that are preventing the normal progression through medical school. If a student makes a second ME request within 12 months, the student receives a written notice about the consequences of not sitting the examination(s).