BIOL 441: Physiology

Class Program
Credits 4

Human Physiology (BIOL 441) is a 4-credit course presented over 16 weeks as part of the discipline-based preclinical Science curriculum of St George's University School of Medicine. It is designed to provide a fundamental basis for understanding human physiology pertinent to clinical medicine based on the Medical Physiology Learning Objectives published by the American Physiological Society (APS). It is one of the final prerequisite courses for the third-year preclinical Sciences and Biology students, and a central component of the Charter Foundations to Medicine program. The course uses a variety of instructional approaches to facilitate learning using lectures, quizzes, interactive multiple choice question sessions, and small group clinical discussions.

Course topics teaching the essential elements, concepts, and organ systems in human physiology are delivered across four consecutive blocks:

Module Name

  • Block1—(CTP) Cell and Tissue Physiology: Homeostasis, Excitable tissue, and Intro to Nervous System (4 weeks)
  • Block2—(S1) System: Neurophysiology, Autonomic Nervous, and Cardiovascular Systems (4 weeks)
  • Block3—(S2) System: Gastrointestinal and Pulmonary Systems (4 weeks)
  • Block4—(S3) System: Endocrine and Renal Systems (4 weeks) Total 16 Weeks