Using Media

St. George’s University reserves the right to use photograph(s), videotape(s), digital media and sound bite(s) taken of or lawfully obtained from individuals, groups and/or students on campus and/or at St. George’s University-sponsored events for the purpose of promoting, publicizing, recruiting or public relations involving the University. Further, the University reserves the right to utilize said media for both informational and commercial purposes.

Use by St. George’s University may be in the form of print or electronic media, which include but are not limited to such uses as the University Web site, University publications (printed admissions packages, brochures, magazines, catalogues, video productions, televisions/radio broadcasts, newspapers, newsletters, social media, etc.) and/or fundraising publications for University clubs or organizations.

These images may be used, without further notification, permission or compensation, at any time to publicize and promote St. George’s University.

By entering St. George’s University campus, all individuals and groups are deemed to give their consent to St. George’s University to use these materials for any lawful purpose as detailed above and waive any right to object or limit the use of this media by St. George’s University.

Photograph(s) and video footage may be obtained from both informal and formal settings. All images—electronic, digital, photographic negatives and positives, together with the prints and raw footage—are the exclusive property of St. George’s University.