University Refund Policy

Students who withdraw or take an LOA, who fail to return from an approved LOA, who are dismissed, or otherwise fail to complete the term for which they are charged, will receive a tuition adjustment of University charges based on a pro rata calculation  if the student withdraws during the first 60% of a term.

University charges are prorated based on the percentage of the term that has elapsed. Pro-rata tuition adjustments are calculated based on the number of days the from the start of the term to the date the LOA begins or the withdrawal date.

Applicable University charges may consist of tuition, administrative fees, and on campus housing.  If a withdrawal takes place after the 60% point, full University charges remain due.

Special refund rules apply to students in their first term of attendance in the MD4 program (Grenada campus).  Students who withdraw from the University prior to the 14th week of their first term of attendance, will have their tuition and administrative fees fully refunded.  If the student is a federal or private student loan recipient, and the tuition reversal creates an overaward, the overaward amount will be returned to the lender on the student’s behalf.

While a refund may be possible, it is not guaranteed.

  • Tuition adjustments may result in either a refund to the student or a balance due to the University.
  • For information related to the Housing Cancellation Policy, please consult the University Website.