University Code of Conduct

Students attending St.  George’s University are expected to conduct themselves with integrity, dignity, and courtesy, according to a code of conduct that defines the interests, reputation, and stature of the University community.

Learning experiences at St. George’s University are not only meant  to  develop  strong academic skills,  but also to cultivate students with positive professional attributes, who are well adjusted to the norms of social graces and good social behavior.

Student comportment refers to the civil and professional behavior that is expected from students at all times in their conduct toward all  individuals that are part of the University community.  

The Code of Conduct includes student comportment and the honor code, as well as those actions that warrant disciplinary action.

The University reserves the right to take any action that it sees fit to protect the rights of the student body, as well as the reputation of the University.

Abuses of this Code, outlined in this section, will result in disciplinary action, which may include suspension or dismissal.

It is the responsibility of all students to know the University Code of Conduct.

It is required that all students abide by the terms of the University Code of Conduct.


As a student at St. George’s University, I am expected to conduct myself with integrity, dignity, and courtesy according to the University Code of Conduct by which I agreed to abide at the time of my enrollment. I must not expose myself to any situation that lends itself even to a suspicion of cheating, such as talking during the examination, looking at another student’s paper, or the unauthorized possession of notes and other materials. I am also not to aid, abet, or acquiesce to an act of cheating by another student. Furthermore, I agree that I have not sought and/or obtained access to unauthorized examination materials prior to this examination;  that I have not impersonated an examinee, nor engaged a proxy to take the examination; that I possess no unauthorized materials, photographic equipment, or recording devices  during  this examination, and that I will not alter or misrepresent examination scores. I understand that for any of these acts I am subject to dismissal from the University.