Student Housing Requirements

In Grenada, all entering students must live on campus for at least one term.

Medical, Veterinary Medical, Graduate, Undergraduate as well as those in Pre-Professional programs,  are required to live on campus for the first term only. Students under the age of 18 are required to remain on campus and must seek parental authorization to be permitted by the Housing Department to reside off-campus. Exceptions to this policy include students with Pets, married students, students with children, and students from Grenada who live on island.

After the required residency period, on-campus housing is not guaranteed in Grenada. All students who wish to live on campus must enter a lottery. The lottery is held during March/April for the Fall term and October/November for the Spring term.

  • Information on off-campus housing can be obtained from the Housing Office.
  • All matriculated students on the Grenada campus must live in approved housing, either on or off campus, at the discretion of the University.
  • Students are reminded that no  pets are permitted in University housing  . Only service animals for a documented disability approved by SAAS are permitted in housing on the True Blue campus. (See Service Animal section in this manual for requirements.)
  • The University reserves the right to require students to live on campus.

For those students enrolled in the Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine programs, housing opportunities vary at different clinical centers, affiliated hospitals, and veterinary clinical locations. In all cases, during the medical and veterinary clinical years, housing is the responsibility of students.

Some affiliated hospitals in the United Kingdom provide single accommodation for students. Students are responsible for the cost of these accommodations.

For further and current information on Student Housing Requirements please visit the Housing Office site