Scooter Policies

The University strongly advises all students against the driving of or riding  on motorcycles and motor scooters in Grenada. Roads in Grenada are less safe than roads in the US, especially for motorized two-wheel vehicles due to large, frequently unmarked speedbumps and other hazards.

Any student who uses a motorcycle or motor scooter will be required to adhere strictly to the laws of Grenada regarding helmet use and driving while intoxicated, and will be required to acknowledge the University’s strong advice not to engage in this activity and assume all risk and liability.

All students are required to sign a revised Honor Code which states that they will not drive a motorized two-wheeled vehicle without a helmet; doing so will be considered a breach of the Honor Code. Compliance with the Driving While Intoxicated laws of Grenada is already included in the existing Honor Code.

To promulgate and promote the University’s stance against the driving of motorcycles and motor scooters in Grenada, the University will:

  1. Present an education program during orientation and throughout the year and include materials for incoming students on the dangers of driving motorcycles and moto scooters. The program will be promoted during Family Weekend and on the University’s
  2. Revise the Honor Code to incorporate the helmet rule and require all students to sign the new Honor
  3. Create an information packet that emphasizes the dangers of riding these vehicles. This packet will be presented (electronically) to all students, who must acknowledge that they have received and read it.
  4. Continue to work with Grenada on the enforcement of helmet and driving while intoxicated laws.
  5. Continue to monitor all scooter and motorbike accidents on island through the student health clinic, the police and other means, and will adjust this policy as