Unless they have been otherwise authorized by their respective course instructors, students are expected to produce works/ideas that are the product of their own original research/investigations.

Students are provided with protocols/guidelines which inform the styles of referencing for coursework requirements and must familiarize themselves with those acceptable to their respective School/Department. This ensures that every statement that is NOT an original thought is appropriately and accurately cited and referenced. Students must therefore seek clarification from their instructors, if necessary, regarding the University’s plagiarism policy. The University offers means by which a faculty member might seek confirmation of a suspicion that student work is plagiarized.

The University offers services, including software tools such as Turnitin to allow a student to review their submission for an evaluation of plagiarism. It is also valuable to a faculty member seeking confirmation of a suspicion that student work is plagiarized. Students may also seek guidance from the Department of Educational Services (DES) for technical assistance on citing, referencing and writing to avoid plagiarism.