Procedure in Case of Unprofessional Behavior

If the chief proctor observes or receives information, which suggests that unprofessional behavior has occurred, all pertinent information, supporting materials, and statements from any witnesses will be gathered, and a written report accompanied by a signed complaint submitted to the Dean of Students or directly to the University Judicial Office.

Implicated students will be advised of the alleged unprofessional behavior and they will have an opportunity to provide information that they consider relevant to the evaluation of the allegation.

The SGU policies and procedures regarding violations of the University Code of Conduct are outlined in the disciplinary process, which describes in detail the process for reaching final decisions regarding unprofessional behavior. If it is determined that students have engaged in unprofessional behavior, information regarding this determination, and any penalties deemed necessary, will be maintained as part of the student record by the Dean of Students and the University Judicial Office for any future reference.

Students may be asked to sign the University Code of Conduct statement prior to any or all University examinations:

As a student at St. George’s University, I am expected to conduct myself with integrity, dignity, and courtesy according to the University Code of Conduct by which I agreed to abide at the time of my enrollment. I must not expose myself to any situation that lends itself even to a suspicion of cheating, such as talking during the examination, looking at another student’s paper, or the unauthorized possession of notes and other materials. I am also not to aid, abet, or acquiesce to an act of cheating by another student. Furthermore, I agree that I have not sought and/or obtained access to unauthorized examination materials prior to this examination;  that I have not impersonated an examinee, nor engaged a proxy to take the examination; that I possess no unauthorized materials, photographic equipment, or recording devices  during  this examination, and that I will not alter or misrepresent examination scores. I understand that for any of these acts I am subject to dismissal from the University.