Parking, Driving Violations and Security

Failure to comply with the traffic regulations, signs or car park policy will result in a Summons and may result in referral for additional disciplinary action.

Any person guilty of three (3) parking / traffic offenses within the semester will lose his or her decal and parking privilege until the end of the semester and may be referred to the Dean of Students Office for discipline.

In the case of students who are also employees of the University, written information will be forwarded to the Business Administrator’s Office and noted in employee records.  In the case of faculty, written information will be forwarded to the Provost Office, and put into the employee file.

Fines will increase by $25 for each repeated offense of the same nature (e.g. $50, $75).

DPS can use the clamp at their discretion for any violation. Clamp removal: EC$ 75 (regardless of number of offenses).

Students found to have violated the SGU traffic and parking policy may be subject to referral to the Dean of Student’s Office for discipline and/or penalties. Violations may include, but are not limited to:

  • No current SGU permit or decal EC$ 50
  • Improper display of parking permits EC$ 50
  • Parking in a location other than designated area according to permit (Mon-Fri, 6 am-6 pm) EC$ 50
  • Parking in a No Parking Area, Disabled space or Visitor space EC$ 50
  • Parking in a reserved Faculty/Administrator space EC$ 50
  • Parking on lawns, sidewalk or grass EC$50
  • Parking with an improper angle or using more than one spot EC$ 50
  • Bicycles or motorbikes parked outside designated areas EC$ 50
  • No license disk or insurance or registration plate EC$ 100
  • Using a counterfeit or altered permit EC$ 100
  • Insubordinate behavior, obscene language EC$ 100
  • No Grenada driving license EC$ 100
  • Failure to comply with traffic signage or officers direction, EC$100
  • Speeding 15MPH speed limit EC$ 100
  • Driving against the flow of traffic, EC$100.
  • Violations not enumerated in this document will be fined at EC$50