Ombuds Services

Confidential, Informal, Impartial, Independent consultations with faculty, staff, and students who:

  • Have witnessed, committed, or suspect wrongdoing
  • Are considering filing a formal complaint
  • Do not know where to bring their issue
  • Seek mediation to resolve an interpersonal conflict
  • Are experiencing harassment, bullying, or unwanted attention
  • Feel unfairly treated, compensated, demoted, etc.
  • Need coaching to handle a sensitive issue
  • Want a place to safely express their frustration or concern

During the process:

  • Individuals remain in control of the process
  • Consider all angles and generate options
  • Strictly private, no records kept, no grievances filed
  • No judgment, no side-taking, no compromise of confidences

For further information, please visit the Ombuds Services site on the University Portal.