Official University Web Presence

Official University webpages represent University schools, departments, and organizations and are housed on SGU owned webpages.  Official pages should reflect the mission, goals and objectives of SGU, conform to guidelines, policies and procedures defined within this policy, conform to the visual standards set forth in SGU’s Brand Guidelines, and use official webpage templates provided by SGU.  Official pages may include affiliated webpages.  Affiliated webpages represent certain groups, organizations, activities and interests associated with the University and are accessible through links on official SGU pages.  Affiliated pages should be consistent with the mission, goals, or objectives of the University and should conform to the guidelines, policies, and procedures defined within this policy.

Other University Web Presence, webpages, social media pages or accounts governed by this policy meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Accounts that include “St. George’s University” or “SGU” in the name, profile or handle
  • School, department or program accounts
  • University approved student organizations or clubs
  • Accounts that are linked to or an approved affiliate website

Any other webpages, social media pages or accounts that fit the criteria shall be considered affiliated and should not be created on anonymous platforms.