Leave of Absence for School of Medicine (Terms 1-5)

  1. Students can apply for an LOA prior to the start of a term or after a term has started. Students intending to take an LOA once a term has started can do so at any time up through 4PM AST on the day prior to the course’s scheduled final examination (not including completion examinations). Students can apply by clicking here. The last date for each term (final examination) is published on the Office of the University Registrar webpage on the SGU Portal. If a student submits an LOA request on the last day of the term (date of scheduled final exam), the LOA will not be approved.
  2. Any student who misses the final examination and/or any scheduled completion exam and has not requested and been approved for an LOA, will receive a grade of ‘0’ on the missing examination(s) and the final course grade will be an F.