General University Rules, Policies, and Regulations

Students’ who register each semester/term are required to comply with the requirements and provisions of the University as published or amended in the entire Student Manual and each School’s catalogue.  The current years Student Manual and School’s catalogue supersedes the previous ones

It is the responsibility of all students to educate themselves on the contents of this Manual, and to adhere to the policies and provisions as stated herein. Ignorance of rules and regulations clearly outlined and defined within this Manual is no excuse for noncompliance.

The particular School or program rules are in addition to and supersede these rules.

For those students matriculated in the Doctor of Medicine program, additional requirements and provisions can be found in the School of Medicine Clinical Training Manual. Students fulfilling degree requirements at another institution are responsible for familiarizing themselves and complying with the rules and regulations of the affiliate university.

The privileges of the University and bona fide status of a student is available only when students have completed registration and the check-in process, are on a designated vacation period or an approved Leave of Absence and are in good academic, disciplinary and financial standing with the University.

It must be expressly understood and agreed, that should any difference between the University and a student arise, the local law of Grenada will be applied.

The University, its Schools and Programs, reserve the right to update and make changes to their respective Student Manuals at any time.

Students dismissed for disciplinary reasons are ineligible for re-entry or re-admission and any application for admission will not be considered.