Check-In Procedures

All students must complete registration for all coursework to be attempted within the upcoming academic period during the official check-in period. Students must have academic, financial and health insurance clearance in order to be checked-in for the term.

The check-in  period typically begins on or before the first day of a programs scheduled classes for the term, and also includes a late check-in period. Registration and check-in procedures will be distributed immediately before the start of classes. The dates and times of check-in will be posted on campus and published on the OUR section of the University Portal.

Students can  view in their Student Self-Service account, if there are holds on their account which prevent check-in completion.

During the designated check-in period, students will receive an updated overlay for their SGU identification cards (Fall semester) and a validation sticker to be added to  their SGU identification card (Spring and Summer semesters), once  they complete the check-in process.

Students will not be able to successfully check-in and receive their overlay or validation sticker until they have formally completed the registration/check-in requirements.  

No services, including on-campus housing, study-group help, or participation in academic activities will be offered to non-checked in  students.

Students will be administratively withdrawn (effective as of the eighth day of the term), if one or more of the below apply:

  • fail to complete the check-in process by the end of the seventh day of a new term, (as outlined in the late check-in period)
  • have not applied/received approval for an official Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • have not officially Withdrawn from the University