Appeal of Disciplinary Actions

A student who disagrees with the decision of the Dean of Students may appeal the decision within five (5) business days of the date the decision is sent. This appeal must be made to the Dean of the school for the program in which they are enrolled. For students in the pathway programs leading to the School of Medicine, the  appropriate dean shall be the Dean of the School of Medicine or his/her designee. The Dean of the school or his/her designee shall consider an appeal that is timely and properly filed and render a final determination. For an appeal to be properly filed, it must be sent to the appropriate Dean, with a copy to the Office of the Dean of Students; received within five (5) business days of the date notice of the decision of the Dean of Students was given; and be based on one or more of the following grounds:


  1. Due process errors involving the responding student’s rights that affected the outcome of the initial hearing;
  2. Demonstrated prejudice against any party by the person presiding over the hearing;
  3. New information that was not available at the time of the original hearing;
  4. A sanction that is extraordinarily disproportionate to the offense committed; and/or
  5. The preponderance of the evidence presented at the hearing does not support the finding

The Dean or his/her designee shall review the submission made by the student, along with the underlying record, the student’s educational record, and information on the student’s current status and make a determination after consideration of the issues raised. The decision on appeal shall be shared in writing with the student. Any determination of an appeal shall be final and shall not subject to further appeal. 

Students dismissed for disciplinary reasons are ineligible for re-entry or re-admission and any application for admission will not be considered.