Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use Policies

It is the policy of St. George’s University to maintain an environment free of drug and alcohol abuse, and to comply with all laws and regulations that prohibit or otherwise control the manufacture, sale, distribution, use, and possession of drugs and alcohol.

The University will not shield from action by local law enforcement any employee, student, or faculty member involved in the provision, merchandising, possession, or consumption of illegal drugs. 

St. George’s University discourages the use of all tobacco products and encourages all members of the University community to be guided by the evidence of significant health risks associated with such use to themselves and others. The risks associated with the passive exposure to tobacco use demand that the health of non-smokers is protected.

Therefore, any form of smoking, including electronic, is prohibited indoors and outdoors on the SGU campus and SGU properties except in officially designated areas – which are located on the perimeter of the campus and other SGU properties.

For the complete policy on alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, please  click here.