All students must maintain an accurate record of their permanent address, emergency, and immigration information, including citizenship and passport or immigration number, with the Office of the University Registrar.

It is important to note there are three different types of addresses that are part of the students’ record:

  • Permanent Address – This is the address that is entered and recorded as part of the students file upon admission to SGU. The permanent address on file with the University is the only place to which the University will send ALL correspondence when students are not on campus.
  • Mailing Address – This address is where a student would like their mailing correspondence from SGU to be sent. It can be different from the Permanent and Local addresses.  When a change is needed it is entered and maintained by the OUR upon request.
  • Local Address – This address refers to the actual address of the student whilst registered for the semester at the various campus location sites. It is to be entered and maintained, semesterly by the student via in Banner and/or the Off Campus Housing application.