Dean of Students

Lucy Clunes, PhD, Dean

The mission of the Dean of Students Office (DOS) is to encourage and enable students to achieve academic success, and to exhibit the highest standards of professionalism in their chosen fields of study at St. George’s University. This is accomplished by providing support and guidance in nonacademic areas. From orientation to graduation, the DOS assists all students in the University including the School of Medicine, the School of Veterinary Medicine, the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Graduate Studies, as well as other University programs.

The DOS Office accomplishes its mission by providing guidance in both academic and nonacademic areas, enabling students to freely access the services and support mechanisms needed to achieve their professional goals, and enhance their personal growth during their tenure at St. George’s University.

The DOS enforces the student code of conduct as described in the SGU Student Manual. All students who have cognitive or non-cognitive concerns are provided with a wide range of support services, and the DOS serves as a student advocate in accessing needed services on- or off-campus. For additional ongoing support, matriculated students are assigned a faculty advisor as part of the Faculty Advisor Program, which is administered by the DOS. The advisor becomes personally acquainted with the student’s goals, strengths and challenges and serves as a source of support and advice throughout the student’s tenure at the University.

The DOS supports nearly 50 student organizations that enhance student life by promoting a variety of activities with a range of goals: religious, cultural, professional, political, social, and academic.

The Dean of Students is a member of the University Council of Deans; and the Student Nonacademic Affairs Committee. The Dean of Students is active on other committees and panels constituted in the interests of student affairs.