The Summative Final Clerkship Evaluation

Grading Policy for the Clerkships

The clerkship director completes an electronic final assessment form for each student in a core clerkship. The form provides narrative comments, grades in individual components and a final summative grade (Appendix E). The  narrative   comments summarize the student’s clinical performance and, importantly, professional behavior. Comments may also include  attendance,  rapport  with patients and staff and the extent to  which the students  developed the  required competencies for that core. This  narrative section offers  the faculty the   opportunity to   provide additional personalized evaluative information beyond the grades. These comments may be quoted in the MSPE. An additional section allows for constructive comments to promote ongoing development   that are not used  in the MSPE. Students should make every effort to  review these  comments as soon as possible after completion of a rotation. The opinions of the  physicians who have worked with a student are critical for self-reflection and should be a catalyst for ongoing self-directed learning and self-improvement by the student. In particular,  constructive criticisms can help a student develop into a more  competent physician. Students can review these comments electronically after they complete  the student feedback questionnaire.  The evaluation forms are on the SGU portal ? (the SGU internal website) under Clinical Evaluation.