General and Sub-specialty Electives

4th year electives require a different educational approach and philosophy than 3rd year clerkship. The curriculum for the 3rd year clerkships is detailed and structured. The 4th year electives encourage self-directed learning, does not require a comprehensive reading list nor detailed objectives. We have not found it necessary to produce a different curriculum for every subspecialty elective and, therefore, a generic curriculum is presented below.  4th year electives should be 4 weeks in length.  


To provide the student with the opportunity for an intensive experience in a subspecialty.

To expose the student to the commonly encountered patients as well as the complex diagnostic and management conditions in this discipline.

To better understand the basis of consultation for and breathe of this discipline.

Learning experience:

Under the supervision of the attending staff, the student will function as member of the subspecialty health care team and attend daily rounds. As appropriate, the student will undertake the initial history and physical exam, present patients to the health care team, observe and assist in procedures and surgeries and acquire experience in requesting and interpreting appropriate imaging studies.  By the end of the four week rotation the student should aim to develop both consultative skills and an understanding of management principles through self-directed learning using standard texts and electronic resources.