Communication Requirements

Students are responsible for ensuring that the SGUSOM can contact them at all times. They should notify the Office of the University Registrar of any change in contact information as soon as possible. Students must monitor their SGU email and respond to all university communications during their entire matriculation at the University; this includes during the academic terms, between academic terms, clinical rotations, while at affiliated hospitals, while on vacation or a leave of absence, during clinical bridge time, or while awaiting graduation.

Failure to monitor communications including SGU email, respond to communications, or to act on information contained in communications from the School, including failure to attend mandatory meetings as specified by the Dean of Medicine; the Dean of Students (DOS); the Sr. Associate Dean of Basic Sciences Office (DOBS); Sr. Associate Dean of Clinical Studies office; Academic Advising, Development and Support Division; Course and Clerkship Directors; Directors of Medical Education or any other administrative body or individual, is considered unprofessional behavior.

Such unprofessional behavior may have adverse effects on performance and grades and may lead to either a recommendation of dismissal from the University or an administrative withdrawal from the University.