Clinical Training Sites

St. George’s University School of Medicine (SGUSOM) has provided high-quality clinical education for over 40 years.  More than 70 formally affiliated teaching hospitals in the United States, and the United Kingdom provide clinical training during the clinical years.

One of the unique opportunities afforded to students at SGUSOM is the ability to experience a wide range of patients, hospital systems and even different national systems of health care. Students have the option to complete, clerkships in the US, Grenada, and in the UK. During their senior year, students can elect to complete rotations not only at affiliated hospitals, but also at training hospitals out of network and internationally such as in Canada and anywhere else in the world they wish. SGU has developed “Clinical Centers”, ideal for those students who prefer to complete all their clinical training in one area. These are affiliated teaching hospitals, or groups of affiliated teaching hospitals, that offer all clerkships, sub-internships and electives. Students can spend all or most of their required two years of clinical training at clinical centers. Major affiliated hospitals provide some third and fourth year rotation requirements.

Appendix “A” provides information about all clinical centers, major affiliated hospitals and limited affiliated hospitals in the US and UK. Clinical training occurs exclusively at sites participating in postgraduate training programs. Many of our affiliated hospitals and clinical centers also train medical students from UK and US medical schools.