Assignment of Students to Hospitals

General Comments

Students’ clinical placement schedules are designed to enable students to complete their clinical curriculum within the 6-year timeline standard for completing the full MD program. 

Students should not become overly concerned with clinical placements. A future career in medicine, including the ability to obtain a residency program in the US, will depend on students’ academic record and personal characteristics. The particular hospital in which students train or the order in which they complete rotations are insignificant when compared to United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) Step 1 and 2 performance, qualifying examinations of other countries, grades, letters of recommendation (LOR), Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), personal statements, and interviews. 

While the school appreciates that some assignments or schedules may be inconvenient, our priority is to ensure that all students are placed, that they are all afforded an opportunity for clinical training, and that agreements with our affiliated hospitals are fulfilled. SGU considers our hospitals substantially equivalent in terms of the educational experiences they provide. Detailed information about each hospital will not enable students to make a rational decision about whether an individual hospital is best for any individual student. In the US, the main reason for a student to choose one geographical area over another relates to convenience in terms of living arrangements or being close to home. Students have the opportunity to explain this on the Electronic Placement Information Form (EPIF).

During Term 5, the school provides a listing of geographic areas and corresponding hospitals that may be available to students for clinical placement. Students who do not start on time and take a leave of absence (LOA) will be placed based on hospital availability. However, taking an LOA instead of starting on time may be mentioned in students’ transcripts and the Medical Student Performance Evaluation. 

Electronic Placement Information Form (EPIF)

Students have access to the EPIF in Term 5. Placement preparation starts when students submit their EPIF with their updated permanent address, phone number, and citizenship for visa support letters, if applicable.  On this form students should indicate whether US or UK placement is desired, their intended starting timeframe and if necessary, specific information regarding a special consideration. Special consideration in terms of placement includes: 

  • available housing near a specific hospital
  • special family circumstances
  • placement with specific individuals

Students can also indicate on their form that they have no particular preference. In these cases the school will place these students in an affiliated hospital. This will be arranged by the Office of Clinical Education Operations on an individual basis. Please note that although special considerations are reviewed and taken into consideration, they may not be accommodated.


  1. Students are required to enter their examination date and upload their confirmation of scheduled testing date to the Clinical Exam Tracker. Students who cancel or reschedule their examination, must update the tracker with the new date and confirmation.
  2. Clinical new student coordinator will email clinical placements assignment based on passing Step1 score and completion of all pre-clerkship requirements which include all web-based Sakai requirements and health clearance. Please note the following:
  • Students should not arrive at any hospital until receiving a placement confirmation; to do so is contrary to school and hospital policy. Failure to abide by this policy will result in referral to the Dean of Students Office.
  • Students can only contact the medical education coordinator at their specific assigned hospital after being confirmed by their clinical new student coordinator.
  • Students are not permitted to contact any affiliated hospitals regarding core clerkships or core availability. The Office of Clinical Education Operations is responsible for scheduling all core clerkships. It is against university policy to contact/request core clerkship assignments. Failure to abide by this policy will result in referral to the Dean of Students Office and may result in the loss of the current clinical schedule.
  1. Students who are assigned to a NY Hospitals must submit completed NYS paperwork to the Office of Clinical Education Operations within 3 days of assignment. This consists of:

Students who want to commence rotations in the US must pass USMLE Step I unless they apply and are
granted the Illinois Exemption.

Students who have taken their examination are required to upload their appearance receipt, as received by the testing center, into the Clinical Exam Tracker Application. In addition, students are required to upload their USMLE Step 1 score into the tracker.

To access this tool, here: Clinical Exam Tracker Application. Students who have any questions or concerns about utilizing the Clinical Exam Tracker application, are encouraged to review additional information on the topic, here: Clinical Exam Tracker Review. For any questions, please contact

The Office of Clinical Education Operations assigns all students. EPIF is reviewed for placement purposes. Please note that students’ grades, USMLE Step I score, or citizenship do not determine priority. The clinical placement process starts by trying to accommodate all students’ geographic preferences. We review any special circumstances as stated in the EPIF. We do not guarantee that placement will be according to any of the students' requests. Final determination may be made by lottery.

Students who do not start when assigned by the Office of Clinical Education Operations will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students. After starting at a US hospital, we require students to do all third-year rotations assigned to them in that
hospital program. This would include additional hospitals paired together in the assignment. Please note, once students receive their assignment, it will be final. Please be aware that some hospitals have students complete Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine and/or a Medicine elective during their 3rd year. Students will not be able to remove/cancel these from their schedule.

A clinical new student coordinator will try to assign the majority of third-year rotations. However, if there are any remaining third year clerkships left to schedule, a clinical new student coordinator will work with students on an individual basis. Students are not permitted to exchange assignments.



Students will be required to spend at least 6 months in the UK. Students would be scheduled for 24 weeks of core clerkships. This will allow students to acclimate to the healthcare system and concentrate on successfully completing several core clerkships. Students who would like to complete the rest of their clerkships in the United States will work with their clinical new student coordinator to arrange the remainder of their clerkships. We recommend that each student who is looking to transition from the UK to US work closely with their academic advisor on Step 1 timelines and discuss any academic questions they may have.

Students who are looking to start core clerkships in the UK, must submit the following form: UK Clinical Placement Request Form after successful completion of Term 5 and completion of all pre-clerkship requirements which includes health clearance.